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Power to the People rally encourages folks to buy from Black-owned businesses

The PTTP rally encourages the community to buy from Black-owned businesses.Power to the People

A Power to the People rally Saturday, Sept. 5, will gather Black-owned businesses and Black artists for a masked, socially-distanced get-together in Dorchester.

The event was originally slated for Saturday, Aug. 29, but was pushed back a week due to rain.

The day’s schedule includes speeches and performances from musician MirandaRae, Fields Corner resident Joel Richards, poets Amanda Shea and SublimeLuv, and more. Also on the docket: a live art installation focused on replacing Black celebrities with Black revolutionaries and a line of food options, including Soleil Restaurant and Mariana’s Kongolese and Angolan Food.

Rally co-creator Lance Jackson said the event is “free range — almost like a farmers’ market, but with performances.”


Lance Jackson, Shalika Shoulders, Smoke, Sam Potrykus, and Emma Leavitt helped to organize the Power to the People rally.Perry Kerr

Hosted by four organizations, including the Dorchester Art Project and Boston Compass, the event aims to shine a light on the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses within the neighborhood.

“I wanted to create a way to showcase group economics in the Black community,” Jackson said in a phone interview. “I’ve learned that every dollar only stays in our community for only six hours. So I thought, ‘Let’s create this bubble where it’s all Black vendors.’ That’s how people can see how to circulate — and not just spend — their money at these local businesses.”

Jackson and his co-collaborators also plan to distribute a pamphlet featuring Dorchester spots to support. The pamphlet is part of a new campaign to buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses every Sunday.

Slated to be held at Town Field Park from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., the rally is free; donations can be made at, and proceeds will support the artists and participating groups.

Diti Kohli can be reached at Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_

Diti Kohli can be reached at her @ditikohli_.