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Left’s misguided worldview blinds them to Trump’s accomplishments

Volunteer Gabi Kilngenberg, left, looks on after selling a hat to Jarrett Niecgorski, of Pleasant Hills, Pa., at President Trump's campaign event in Latrobe, Pa., on Sept. 3.John Rucosky/Associated Press

Re “A nervous edge as race hits final lap: Echoes of 2016 sound over the campaign as Trump, Biden set closing strategies” (Page A1, Aug. 30): The article by Jim Puzzanghera encapsulates — and perpetuates — the left’s misguided worldview in general and, more particularly, its jaw-dropping cluelessness about the role and contribution of Donald Trump in the world today.

It would seem by now, especially after the Republican National Convention, that even coastal elites would recognize that, like it or not, Trump has a massive, impassioned, and fiercely devoted following. This following is growing steadily because it recognizes and sincerely appreciates the president’s many genuine accomplishments and the way they benefit the people of the United States.


Contrary to what Puzzanghera wrote, most Americans I know believe Trump has handled both the civil unrest and the pandemic well, not “poorly,” and if anyone believes these issues add up to Trump’s being “toast” in November, they have got another shock coming. Just as Hillary Clinton did in 2016, Joe Biden is setting up the left for a crushing defeat. Donald Trump will be reelected.

John Fisher

Fort Worth