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PHOTOS: The first day of remote school for Boston

Principal Derrick Ciesla walked down an empty hallway as he made the rounds to talk with teachers during the first day of school at Russell Elementary.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Monday, the first day back across Boston public schools, students of all ages and backgrounds logged in for a remote start to the school year. To offer a glimpse of the stakes (and, we imagine, plenty of stress), the Globe’s Great Divide education team followed a range of students, educators, and support staff through their first day back.

An empty playground outside of Russell Elementary as the first day of school for BPS starts remotely. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
A make-shift classroom was set up outdoors by the mother of Christopher Taylor, a 7th grader at the O'Bryant School. His mother Angelina Camacho gave him a hug and a kiss before school started. He is among the 53,000 students starting school in Boston remotely on Monday. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
Boston public school buses parked at Freeport Street lot in Dorchester lay idle in the early morning.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Cheryl O'Connor went over a list of rules for how her 4th grade class should interact over zoom during the first day of school at Russell Elementary. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

It was Ariana Crowson's turn to point to herself, as her teacher says "Welcome, What's your name?" The 4-year-old's parents, Sophia Moon and Adam Crowson, looked at the class on her first day of remote learning, as a Boston Public Schools pre-kindergartener. In her mother's Charlestown art studio, she used a school-provided Chromebook to connect with her new class at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff
PE teacher Carlos Mangum danced along with his students during his gym class on the first day of school at Russell Elementary. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Principal Derrick Ciesla gestures as he explains how to set up the Chromebook he just delivered to a K2 student during the first day of school at Russell Elementary. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
Health teacher Nilo Ashraf teaches her 7th and 8th grade students at McCormack Middle School in Dorchester remotely with bearded dragons Zeus and Autumn on her shoulders. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Earnest Bass, a custodian at McCormack Middle School in Dorchester, wrote into a log sheet for rooms that have been cleaned and sanitized. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff
A student raises her hand in her virtual classroom at the Roxbury YMCA. The Roxbury Y is among nearly 100 programs across Boston providing school-day space while public schools are closed for more than 6,000 students so their parents can work and the students can receive help, be supervised, and have fun playing with other kids. Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff
Vocational technical teacher Linda Garmon illustrated for her sophomore media arts class at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School the concept of continuity from her Cambridge home.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff