Worcester man accused of driving stolen delivery truck into police station

A Worcester man was arrested after he allegedly stole a delivery truck from a local hospital’s parking lot and drove it into the Worcester police station early Saturday morning, police said.

Louis Diamond, 32, is facing multiple charges, including larceny of a motor vehicle, breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony, and aiding a prisoner in police custody, Worcester police said in a statement Saturday evening.

Police said the delivery truck was stolen from St. Vincent’s Hospital’s parking lot and crashed into the police station at about 5:15 a.m. Saturday, near the entrance to the cell room.


“The crash caused significant damage to the cell room doors, but did not cause any serious injuries to anyone,” police said in the statement.

Police charged Diamond with aiding a prisoner in police custody due to the nature and location of the crash, according to Lieutenant Sean Murtha, who said the “cell room entry is considerably off the road.”

Diamond’s motivation remains under investigation, Murtha said.

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