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What did N’Keal Harry say to Cam Newton to cause a meme-worthy reaction? Cam’s not telling

Cam Newton had a meme-worthy moment with N'Keal Harry at the tail end of Sunday's game.Adam Glanzman/Getty

In the final moments of the Patriots' 36-20 win over the Raiders, quarterback Cam Newton was talking with receiver N’Keal Harry on the bench.

Harry said something that Newton must have found outrageous, causing Newton to slump down his seat and completely off it while making some sort of “excuse me?” face.

What could Harry have possibly said to get Newton to react that way?

Newton was asked about the moment after the game, and he’s not revealing.

He laughed before giving his answer, and then said: “I’m just going to keep that discussion on the field, and we can just go from there.


“I don’t think anything good ... you know, I just think it’s better that people wonder what we were talking about. And to be honest with you, I really don’t even know, I was trying to read his lips, like man, what is he saying?”

Newton continued with praise of Harry, who is in his second year with the Patriots. Harry finished with two receptions on four targets for 34 yards.

“Doughboy’s growing up by the game, and having the leadership of Jules [Julian Edelman], he’s doing a great job ... we expect him to keep pointing upwards with his production.”

Wait, Doughboy? Yep, that’s what Newton calls Harry. Check out all the other nicknames he has for his teammates here.

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