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Dave Epstein | Weather

Remnants of Hurricane Delta to bring rain to New England this week

In this Aug. 4 file photo, a person wearing a mask stands in the rain in Boston.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

The warm, breezy weather of Saturday transitioned into a cool but brilliant blue sky Sunday and now a third change in as many days has brought clouds with the chance for a few showers.

Most of us are going to have to wait until later tonight and tomorrow as the remnants of what once was Hurricane Delta crosses the region. Before that happens there will be a few scattered showers, especially south of the Mass Pike, but I don’t expect these to amount to very much.

High pressure over Maine keeps it mostly dry Monday.NOAA

There’s a big area of high pressure relinquishing its grip over Maine. As this high pressure area moves off to the east, the difference between the central pressure of the high and the central pressure of the low to the south will create an easterly fetch of cool moist air.


Temperatures Monday will stay in the 50s, certainly below average for this time of year, and with the lack of sunshine and the dampness, it will feel quite raw.

Cool air will keep readings in the 50s to start the workweek.NOAA

Monday night, a more organized area of moisture will cross the area moving through southern New England and then up into New Hampshire and Maine. Some of these showers could contain heavier downpours and it’s not going to be surprising if we see the rumble of thunder and a little bit of a gusty wind. I don’t expect to see issues with power outages because the winds will not be that strong nor long-lasting.

An area of rain crosses southern New England overnight and into Tuesday.COD Weather

Most of us will see anywhere from one-half inch to 1.5 inches of rain by the time this all comes to an end later Tuesday.

Measurable rainfall is likely for all areas Monday night and Tuesday.NOAA

An area of blue sky and sunshine returns for Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be back above average reaching around that 70-degree mark, making for some ideal weather for any October outdoor activities.

Readings approach 70 degrees on Wednesday.NOAA

The forecast for the end of the week and the start of the weekend is a little less clear, figuratively and literally. There’s going to be an area of cloudiness and rainfall trying to approach southern New England. The timing and the extent of this moisture is still unsure so I don’t want to commit to just how much rainfall we’re going to see, but it could be significant. To illustrate just how different the computer guidance is, check out the two maps below. The GFS, the first one, has some rain for Friday, while the Euro, the second one, has a soaker. We still have plenty of time to refine this part of the forecast.


The GFS and EURO models have very different amounts of rain for the end of the week.WeatherBell
The GFS and EURO models have very different amounts of rain for the end of the week.WeatherBell