Elizabeth Warren rates President Trump’s COVID-19 response, reacts to Supreme Court nomination hearings

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.Michael Wyke/Associated Press

On a scale of one to 10, Senator Elizabeth Warren gave the president a negative 4,961 on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s not just that he’s been incompetent, it’s that he’s actually made things worse,” Warren told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night. “He’s undercut the credibility of our public health officials and has directed us away from the things that would have helped us keep each other safe. For that, he doesn’t even make it to zero."

Warren and Kimmel reflected on the last time the Massachusetts senator was on the show, March 2, where she highlighted her plan for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.


“Here we are now, seven months into this, and Donald Trump still doesn’t have a plan," Warren said.

When asked about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings that began Monday and continue this week, Warren said they should not be taking place.

“This is an illegitimate process," she said. “This is the Republican party trying to steal a Senate Supreme Court seat, and they’re doing it for a very specific reason.”

Warren explained that a week after the Nov. 3 election, the US Supreme Court will hear a case to overturn the Affordable Care Act, something President Trump has been pushing forward for a long time. If overruled, somewhere between 20 and 23 million Americans will lose their health care coverage, putting “everybody with preexisting conditions at risk, knocking young people off their parents' insurance policies, and raising the cost of prescription drugs," Warren said. “He can’t do it through Congress, so he wants to do it through the courts.”

And if Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, “we’re done,” Warren said. “[She] has already said she doesn’t believe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. We know what this is about.”


Warren said her top focus is stopping the Supreme Court confirmation from going through: “It’s going to cost people ... And we’re doing this right in the middle of a pandemic.”

On Senator Lindsey Graham’s brazen reversal on his position to nominate a Supreme Court justice ahead of a presidential election, Warren said she did not expect it.

“We need to hold senators like Lindsey Graham accountable to the American people, and in his case, the people in South Carolina,” Warren said of the South Carolina senator. “He stood up last time there was a Supreme Court nominee and said he would not go forward with a nomination right before an election. Now he does a 180 turn. It’s not just dishonest, it breaks faith with the people who voted for him ... A senator’s word should mean something, and Lindsey Graham has just taken that away.”

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