Bird sightings on Cape Cod

Recent sightings (through Oct. 6) as reported to Mass Audubon.

A yellow-headed blackbird was found among brown-headed cowbirds in a yard in North Truro.

A Bell’s vireo was photographed at Cape Cod Organic Farm in Barnstable, where other birds included a lark sparrow, a red-shouldered hawk, a warbling vireo, a yellow-throated vireo, a yellow-breasted chat, a dickcissel, a Lincoln’s sparrow, and 4 purple finches.

A South Polar skua was photographed at Race Point in Provincetown, where other sightings included as many as 18 Caspian terns, a continuing Sabine’s gull, a little gull, a razorbill, a harlequin duck, a buff-breasted sandpiper, 15 red-necked phalaropes, 250 Forster’s terns, a red-throated loon, 7 Northern fulmars, 118 Cory’s shearwaters, and 37 Manx shearwaters.


A red-headed woodpecker was at Pochet Island in Orleans, where other sightings included 600 white-winged scoters, one black-billed and one yellow-billed cuckoo, 11 common and 45 Forster’s terns, 30 red-breasted nuthatches, a brown thrasher, and 2 pine siskins.

Birds around the bird banding station at Wing Island in Brewster included a gray-cheeked thrush, a Swainson’s thrush, a hooded warbler, and a Connecticut warbler.

A few ruby-throated hummingbirds were still being reported at feeders, with one seen in Woods Hole. Other reports around the Cape included 17 yellow-crowned night-herons in West Barnstable, a Baird’s sandpiper in Chatham, single veeries in Dennis and Chatham, and 2 black skimmers in Brewster.

For more information about bird sightings or to report sightings, call Mass Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.massaudubon.org.