Letters to the Editor of Globe Magazine

Readers weigh in on larger crossword type, a bumbling bird-watcher, recipes, and more.

Sizing It Up

I just suddenly realized I wasn’t squinting anymore as I attempted the Crossword puzzle (September 13). And when I looked closer I could see it has been enlarged. Thank you! Keep up the bigger print for these aging eyes!

Beth Kidwell, South Dennis

What a pleasant surprise to find the larger crossword puzzle in the magazine! The new size invited me to complete it right away. It made my day and all Sundays from now on!

Ellen Moloney Detwiller, Georgetown

Avian Adventures

Thanks for Steve Calechman’s perfect essay on the pandemic with kids (Connections, September 13). The writer captured the treasured parts of a tough time along with the regrets of life as it used to be. I work as an occupational therapist with kids in a school. I so missed seeing them in person.


Meg Singer, Norfolk

As Calechman’s former elementary school science teacher, I’d like to let him know that I enjoyed his writing again, and I’m glad to see he has retained some of the science I taught him so long ago. I wish him and his family the best.

Tom Corcoran, North Chelmsford

Cooking Conversation

This recipe [for White Balsamic Chicken With Tarragon] is a real keeper. Easy but super flavorful. The only downside is that Peppadews are hard to find. Keep the recipes coming.

Charlie Mahoney, Needham

Love the Milk Street recipes each week! They’ve been delicious, and something to look forward to. The only thing that would make them better: printing them on the two middle pages of the magazine, making it possible to pull out and save. It would be super helpful for dinosaurs like me who prefer recipes in print form to scrolling through the phone repeatedly with sticky fingers. Thanks!

Cathy Neto, Attleboro

Rather than going easy on the cook, the three “easy” recipes in the September 20 issue necessitate a shopping trip for rarely used ingredients (Peppadew peppers, white balsamic vinegar, lemon grass, mascarpone); two ovens (different cooking temperatures for chicken and Brussels sprouts); extensive prep time (peeling and thinly slicing 23 cloves of garlic, chopping green olives, mincing tarragon, grating lemon peel, processing lemon grass); and futzing with overly complicated directions. Just reading the recipe for Charred Brussels Sprouts With Garlic Chips is exhausting.


Nancy Halpern and Jane Magee, Natick

Pandemic Real Estate

As I read about the Boston housing market during COVID, it seems that it really hasn’t changed much at all (“What Buyers Want Now,” September 20). Things are still very expensive and the market is still lacking supply. I’d like to read a Globe article about the condo market in Boston and the immediate surrounding communities. It seems that there is less of a demand for these types of units.


posted on bostonglobe.com

Buying a house/condo is a matter of compromise. With interest rate[s] what they are it makes it a little easier to compromise on some things. The important thing is if you can afford it, owning a home can generally be a good investment based on the community and location.


posted on bostonglobe.com