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‘I got my Dunkies’: Brighton woman finds online fame after voting at Fenway

Laura Eastaugh voted at Fenway Park.Laura Eastaugh

Holding her “Dunkies” cup and sporting a blue Cam Newton jersey and Boston sports mask while voting at Fenway Park on Saturday, Laura Eastaugh’s Massachusetts-accented interview with WHDH seemed almost too Boston to be true. As it turns out, it was.

“I guess it was all part of the master plan,” she told The Boston Globe in an interview. “I was excited to be there and I was wearing the Boston sports gear, and I just thought if I threw on the Boston accent it would make a good TV clip.”

A video clip from her interview has been shared widely online, with one post on Twitter gaining more than 12,000 retweets.


“I wanted to vote at Fenway because we’ve all been cooped up inside for a little bit, and I’ve got my Dunkies" Eastaugh, 29, told WHDH-TV outside of Fenway, holding up a plastic iced coffee cup that held her favorite Dunkin Donuts order — a medium iced coffee with blueberry and oat milk.

Eastaugh, originally from Holliston, currently resides in Brighton and graduated from Fenway-adjacent Emmanuel College in 2012. She said she was happy to vote at Fenway in part because it felt safer than voting in enclosed, indoor spaces, considering the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

She guessed that the chance to walk around the old grandstand was a nice bonus, and may have been an added incentive for some people to vote. Eastaugh, though, said she has voted in every election since she turned 18 and is politically active.

She said to WHDH on Saturday that she was voting for Joe Biden for president. Though she would have preferred to vote for Bernie Sanders, she said politics is "a team sport.”

“I am very happy that the message is resonating with people," she told the Globe. “The irony was not lost on me that this all happened at Fenway Park, and I was calling it a team sport. We need to come together.”


She said she was excited to see that Bernie Sanders' press secretary retweeted a video of her interview, though she is holding out hope that Sanders himself will reach out. She is also awaiting word from Dunkin’ after all the free publicity she gave their brand.

“I’ve got some student loans they could help with,” she said.