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Blind date: ‘We first talked about my dog … She was popping in and out of screen’

Will this globe-trotting attorney fall for a Canadian trail runner?

Nicole N. and Chris S. on their Zoom blind date.
Nicole N. and Chris S. on their Zoom blind date.Handout

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NICOLE N.: 31 / attorney

Last thing she read: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Notable interests: Traveling to each country where Game of Thrones was filmed

CHRIS S.: 32 / director of engineering

His perfect Saturday: Trail running, rock climbing, skiing, or ice climbing

Last thing he read: Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life



Nicole I poured myself wine. I was nervous but excited. I thought Cupid seemed like a cool experience to try.


Chris I figured out which lighting and laptop angle worked for a decent quality picture and then went to pick up my food. I was looking forward to meeting someone new. The pandemic makes that not very common!

Nicole He was cute. I first noticed his eyes and smile. We introduced ourselves and started to talk. He seemed pretty calm.

Chris She looked comfortable and engaging.


Nicole He works for a tech startup in an engineering role and has a PhD from MIT. We first talked about my dog, Ellie. She was popping in and out of screen throughout the call.

Chris We spent time talking about why we ended up doing what we do and how our personalities played a factor in our decision-making. I learned a lot about the personal ramifications of different types of careers in law. We both valued work/life balance and had made career decisions to prioritize that.

Nicole He’s from Canada originally and enjoys hiking, trail running, climbing, and biking. We both go to the Fells a good amount. He trail runs there and I bring my dog. He also told me that he splits his time between Medford and Jackson, New Hampshire, where he is helping his friend renovate a house.


Chris I ordered from a local pub in Jackson. It was good.

Nicole I ordered sushi from Mr. Sushi in Arlington. Their tuna/avocado roll was very good.

Chris Her food arrived late and I’m not sure she touched it while we were talking.

Nicole I felt comfortable throughout the date. He was very easy to have a conversation with. We talked about books we had recently read and it seemed like we have similar tastes.

Chris We got more comfortable as the night went on as we developed a rapport. We were having an interesting conversation. I don’t think there was obvious romantic chemistry but I think that is a hard thing to suss out over a video chat.


Nicole After we had talked for about an hour and a half, I suggested that we end the date. He had mentioned that he still had some stuff to take care of and had just had a long weekend of traveling, so I didn’t want to keep him too late on the call.

Chris I had some work I had to do that night, so we exchanged numbers and said good night.


Nicole I would be interested in going out on another date to meet in person. I thought we had a nice conversation and would be interested in getting to know him better.

Chris I would meet again. We had a good conversation and seemed to get along.



Nicole / B+

Chris / A -