Mookie Betts told David Ortiz he initially expected to be with the Red Sox ‘for life’

David Ortiz and Mookie Betts.
David Ortiz and Mookie Betts.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

When David Ortiz asked Mookie Betts if the right fielder expected to spend 12 years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Betts acknowledged he didn’t always see it unfolding that way.

Betts, speaking with his former teammate Ortiz in an Instagram video Tuesday before Game 6 of the World Series, said he believed he’d stay in Boston long term.

“I had initially thought that I was gonna be a Red Sox for life,” said Betts, who signed a 12-year, $365-million contract extension with the Dodgers in July, “but God always has a plan for things. I was just kind of following what He told me to do.”


The conversation began with Betts saying he wished he could look as cool as Ortiz, to which Ortiz responded: “Oh yeah, boy, trying to be like you, kid.”

Ortiz then got down to business.

“I’m about to get serious with you,” Ortiz said, keeping a poker face for a few seconds before grinning and chuckling. “I’m going to take my glasses off.”

He asked Betts if he’s fully adjusted to Los Angeles, and Betts said he hasn’t gotten to experience it quite as much as he otherwise would due to the unusual circumstances.

Ortiz then inquired whether Betts or fellow Los Angeles superstar LeBron James would get the last table at a local restaurant if they strolled in at the same time.

Betts initially said James would get the nod, then he joked: “I’m going to fight him for it.”

Ortiz told Betts it’s been difficult to see him with the Dodgers but admitted Betts looks sharp in the uniform. They agreed that putting stats and accolades aside goes a long way when it comes to winning, and Betts said Ortiz helped him realize what’s most important from the beginning.

Betts closed by sharing what winning a World Series with the Dodgers would mean to him, and Ortiz said he’s pulling for him all the way through.


Said Ortiz: “You know I love you like a little brother.”