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New Leaf Tree Syrups.
New Leaf Tree Syrups.Handout

Move over, maple syrup, there’s a new sap in town — actually, several. The Forest Farmers, which manages 10,000 acres of wild forests in Vermont and New York for a variety of benefits, is sustainably harvesting an array of certified-organic forest-based sweeteners for public consumption. Boasting the greatest diversity of specialty syrups from different tree species in the world, the company’s New Leaf Tree Syrups complements its delicious pure maple syrups with a line of alternative tree saps, like beech, birch, and walnut. Each single tree varietal has its own distinctive profile — beech is a little raisiny, birch is more fruity, walnut has a dark, nutty flavor. But in the company’s special blends and infusions with maple syrup, these rich saps add depth and complexity that will bring a whole new dimension to pancakes and waffles. Tasty straight out of the bottle, they also can add sweetness to sauces, glazes, and mixed drinks. Prices start at $3 for a 2 ounce bottle. www.newleaftreesyrups.com



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