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Stacey Abrams could use reinforcements in her fight for voting rights

In this Nov. 2 photo, Stacey Abrams speaks to supporters as they wait for former president Barack Obama to arrive and speak at a rally for Joe Biden in Atlanta.Brynn Anderson/Associated Press

I’ve seen notes saying to thank Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic lawmaker from Georgia and founder of the voting rights group Fair Fight (“Stacey Abrams wins praise for helping drive Biden’s gains in Georgia,” Page A6, Nov. 7). Frankly, I’m not sure an e-mail from one man in Massachusetts would even be noticed. What would be noticed is to pay a debt to Abrams and others, to the people who stood in line for hours in Georgia and other places, men and women who would not be denied their right to vote.

What would matter is not my thanks, but rather if I and others start working to restore the Voting Rights Act.


David Valade