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The Globe obtained the below text messages through a public records request submitted after the last meeting of the Boston School Committee in October.

Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Alexandra Oliver-Davila (AOD), then vice-chair of the Boston School Committee and now acting chair, and Lorna Rivera (LR), Boston School Committee member

AOD: What did I just miss? Was that ML saying Shannana and booboo??? My ADD is killing me here!

LR: I think he was making fun of the Chinese names! Hot mic!!!

AOD: That’s what I thought. Omfg he’s gonna get killed someone is going to go back and capture that


LR: I almost laughed out loud. Getting giddy here!

Someone already captured Brenda on cell in twitter (?)!

AOD: I’ve been getting some funny tweets tonight it’s hard not to smile or laugh. Yikes.

LR: Dios mia!!

AOD: No comment

LR: People tweeting about loconto hot mic!!

Anissa said WTF! [LR was referring to City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George]

AOD: Oh no! It’s gonna be ugly

LR: Someone texted me Loconto should resign, but I don’t have them in my contacts

AOD: Oh boy How/where do I look on Twitter – sorry I’m old I’m not good at twitter

LR: Send me your handle and I will forward some

Or look up Anissa tweets

AOD: Alexoliver 33

Do we acknowledge the apology? What do we do??

LR: Did you see some of the tweets? I feel bad for loconto. Is he going to resign??

AOD: I feel bad too because he really was the person who pushed this forward with the Mayor

Idk if he will do it or not

I am not going to interrupt (?) him! Let him have his time. He needs it.

LR: Trying to redeem himself – [winking emoji]


Good night!

AOD: Good night.

LR: Good morning, actually!


Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Michael Loconto (ML), former chair of the Boston School Committee, and Alexandra Oliver-Davila (AOD)

ML: Do I need to worry about my non-sequitur earlier? I feel awful, I’ve been getting texts about it from Michael and Brenda.

AOD: I heard [end] and not whole thing. I think Anissa commented on it. I think be prepared just in case I’m sorry this all stinks!

ML: Ugh


On twitter?

AOD: I know.

I’m sorry.


ML: Oh God no

I don’t know what to do

AOD: I think just again apologize. What does MO suggest? [AOD was referring to member Michael O’Neill.]

ML: Asking

AOD: I think that was good

ML: Jesus I am mortified

AOD: I know I’m very sorry

Do you want me to acknowledge your apology and say thanks or just leave it alone?

ML: I don’t know


Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Michael O’Neill (MON), member and former chair of Boston School Committee, and Michael Loconto (ML)

MON: What the heck was your last comment/your mic was on. Hope you were talking to your daughter about a bedtime book. Sha boo. Boo boo boo?

ML: Geez I’m sorry I was talking to my wife about a kid’s book

MON: Thought so, but it came out real weird!

ML: Should I address?

MON: You did it right.

ML: I’m mortified if someone took it another way, Brenda mentioned it too and said someone else texted her about it


MON: It was right after Liz read a bunch of names, could have been interpreted that you were commenting on the names. I knew you would never do that, assumed one of your daughters was saying good night. Glad you cleared it up right away. Don’t worry about it any more.

MON: How far along are we?

ML: Ok thanks. I realized that after I got the text. I feel awful.

ML: We are on 159. 20 to go.

MON: You corrected very quickly. Regular watchers know your daughters always say goodnight to you.

ML: Anissa tweeting about it. I don’t know what to do

ML: Am I ok? I hope I put that to bed.

MON: Please put me last, before VC and you, but after the other members.

ML: Of course, assumed as much.

MON: Let’s vote!


Wednesday, Oct. 21 11:31 p.m.

Text conversation between Michael O’Neill (MON) and Brenda Cassellius (BC), Boston Public Schools superintendent

BC: Yikes.

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