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Read the text messages sent after former Boston School Committee chair’s racist remarks

Former Boston School Committee Chairperson Michael D. O'Neill, at right, turns over the gavel to Michael Loconto who was elected as the new Boston School Committee chair in 2018.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The Globe obtained the below text messages through a public records request submitted after the last meeting of the Boston School Committee in October.

Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Alexandra Oliver-Davila (AOD), then vice-chair of the Boston School Committee and now acting chair, and Lorna Rivera (LR), Boston School Committee member

AOD: What did I just miss? Was that ML saying Shannana and booboo??? My ADD is killing me here!

LR: I think he was making fun of the Chinese names! Hot mic!!!

AOD: That’s what I thought. Omfg he’s gonna get killed someone is going to go back and capture that


LR: I almost laughed out loud. Getting giddy here!

Someone already captured Brenda on cell in twitter (?)!

AOD: I’ve been getting some funny tweets tonight it’s hard not to smile or laugh. Yikes.

LR: Dios mia!!

AOD: No comment

LR: People tweeting about loconto hot mic!!

Anissa said WTF! [LR was referring to City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George]

AOD: Oh no! It’s gonna be ugly

LR: Someone texted me Loconto should resign, but I don’t have them in my contacts

AOD: Oh boy How/where do I look on Twitter – sorry I’m old I’m not good at twitter

LR: Send me your handle and I will forward some

Or look up Anissa tweets

AOD: Alexoliver 33

Do we acknowledge the apology? What do we do??

LR: Did you see some of the tweets? I feel bad for loconto. Is he going to resign??

AOD: I feel bad too because he really was the person who pushed this forward with the Mayor

Idk if he will do it or not

I am not going to interrupt (?) him! Let him have his time. He needs it.

LR: Trying to redeem himself – [winking emoji]


Good night!

AOD: Good night.

LR: Good morning, actually!


Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Michael Loconto (ML), former chair of the Boston School Committee, and Alexandra Oliver-Davila (AOD)

ML: Do I need to worry about my non-sequitur earlier? I feel awful, I’ve been getting texts about it from Michael and Brenda.

AOD: I heard [end] and not whole thing. I think Anissa commented on it. I think be prepared just in case I’m sorry this all stinks!

ML: Ugh


On twitter?

AOD: I know.

I’m sorry.


ML: Oh God no

I don’t know what to do

AOD: I think just again apologize. What does MO suggest? [AOD was referring to member Michael O’Neill.]

ML: Asking

AOD: I think that was good

ML: Jesus I am mortified

AOD: I know I’m very sorry

Do you want me to acknowledge your apology and say thanks or just leave it alone?

ML: I don’t know


Wednesday, Oct. 21 — time unclear

Text conversation between Michael O’Neill (MON), member and former chair of Boston School Committee, and Michael Loconto (ML)

MON: What the heck was your last comment/your mic was on. Hope you were talking to your daughter about a bedtime book. Sha boo. Boo boo boo?

ML: Geez I’m sorry I was talking to my wife about a kid’s book

MON: Thought so, but it came out real weird!

ML: Should I address?

MON: You did it right.

ML: I’m mortified if someone took it another way, Brenda mentioned it too and said someone else texted her about it


MON: It was right after Liz read a bunch of names, could have been interpreted that you were commenting on the names. I knew you would never do that, assumed one of your daughters was saying good night. Glad you cleared it up right away. Don’t worry about it any more.

MON: How far along are we?

ML: Ok thanks. I realized that after I got the text. I feel awful.

ML: We are on 159. 20 to go.

MON: You corrected very quickly. Regular watchers know your daughters always say goodnight to you.

ML: Anissa tweeting about it. I don’t know what to do

ML: Am I ok? I hope I put that to bed.

MON: Please put me last, before VC and you, but after the other members.

ML: Of course, assumed as much.

MON: Let’s vote!


Wednesday, Oct. 21 11:31 p.m.

Text conversation between Michael O’Neill (MON) and Brenda Cassellius (BC), Boston Public Schools superintendent

BC: Yikes.

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