Make Trump irrelevant again

President Trump arrives to a news conference in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington on Nov. 5.
President Trump arrives to a news conference in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington on Nov. 5.Chris Kleponis/Bloomberg

If a presidency fall in the forest, does it have to make a sound?

Journalists: Leave your chairs empty in the White House press briefing room.

There has been more than enough coverage of the Trump-estuous toddler masquerading as presidential. Bullies and bigots hunger for attention. It’s Donald Trump’s biggest success.

He’s been extolled or excoriated, psychoanalyzed, politically dissected, trounced over unfulfilled promises, and called out on prevarications. The media have put his every tweet, rant, and crumb of disinformation on record. This contributes to the brainwashing of what can only be called his cult following, who are fueled by his continuing presence in the news.


Stop. Please. Leave him to rant alone, like one would a 4-year-old, sent to his room until he can behave and rejoin the adults.

No more investigative decoding of his moral imperviousness, his ineptitude, his speciousness, his national and international abominations. The media’s analytical prowess and journalistic courage are spun, by the Trumplicans who bow to him, as vicious and vain attacks on their idol. This media attention helps him build his wall — between red and blue states, between the United States and its allies, between caring for the planet and destroying it.

We’ve heard enough of Trump’s vitriol, mendacity, and name-calling. We must focus on healing our country, on taking care of our wounded, on reducing the impact of our national trauma and utter disgrace, on restoring trust in justice for all.

Just let him GIP (golf In peace).

Lisa Friedlander


Let’s close the door on the past four years

The poignant words of an old song, “Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead,” resonated through my head in celebration of Joe Biden’s victory. However, now is the time for the healing to begin, not only in our ongoing battle with COVID-19 but for the wounds inflicted on the Constitution and our way of life by Donald Trump.


Let us close the door on the past four years of strife, lies, and perversions and look forward to an enlightened period of reconciliation, solutions, and growth. Let us all join hands — even the more than 72 million citizens who voted for Trump — and support President-elect Biden, whose values will lead us to a new golden age of America. The primary catalyst for this evolution is truthfulness. Truth is the best serum to help put the nightmare of the past four years behind us.

I would suggest that following Inauguration Day, the media ignore Trump and his antics and not give him an inch of copy or a minute of airtime. Make him irrelevant and starve his egotism.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pick up a newspaper or watch TV and not hear the words “Donald Trump” again?

Joe Ponti


GOP chose the path of misplaced allegiance

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that the restating of a lie does not make it a truth; that the lie need only be proved, not disproved; that the willful spread of the lie is a cancer within our democratic institutions; that truth, when disregarded, permits the lie a seat at the table of normalcy.

Our forefathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the United States of America. Republicans have done no such thing, and, instead, willfully chose the path of misplaced allegiance, while attaching themselves to a speeding train of lies. They bring shame to our nation, as do all those who have bought a ticket for the Trump Express, which is careering toward the cliff of irrelevancy.


Bob Bascelli

Seaford, N.Y.