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The Questions featuring Liz Rock

Liz Rock is the co-founder of TrailblazHers Run Co.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Elizabeth Rock radiates energy.

Every space she’s in lights up with her presence and her sisterhood. A health care application analyst by day, she helps keep an artery of our fight against coronavirus running. But her ultimate goal is to run the Marathon World Majors.

Boston, London, Chicago, and New York City are under her belt. Only Berlin and Tokyo are left. The Bostonian doesn’t run for herself, she runs for women. As co-organizer of The Bra Run, a TrillFit instructor, and co-founder of TrailblazHers Run Co., her pace is always set to sisterhood.

What does a beautiful resistance mean to you?


Beautiful resistance is facing internal battles. It means looking within and pushing past comfort zones and fear. A beautiful resistance is what we live in! The struggles in life, the constant battles that we have internally and externally that help shape who we are and what we stand for.

Being a Black person in New England is:

Being a Black person in New England is sometimes feeling like a tourist in your own city. Being a Black person in New England means that I’ll be the minority in many of the rooms that I walk into. Being a Black person in New England means that I have to work 10 times harder than my counterparts. Being a Black person, especially a Black woman in New England, means that I’ll have to deal with microaggressions and systematic racism regularly.

Tell us about TrailblazHers Run Co.

My two friends and I created TrailblazHers Run Co. to create a diverse, welcoming, and supportive environment tailored to womxn — especially womxn of color — and motivate them on whatever end of the spectrum they may be on their running journey. Not only do we value the physical well-being of our womxn, but we also value the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This is accomplished through workshops and events paired with our runs.


In this moment, what is your greatest joy or hope?

My greatest joy would have to be the work that I am currently doing for Trailblazhers Run Co. Cultivating a space for womxn, especially WOC, is fulfilling and brings me purpose. Doing something greater than myself in the Boston community where representation in the wellness/fitness space is scarce gives me hope that I can hopefully create something impactful.

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