Police search for aggressive coyote in Stoneham

Wild animal has bitten three people in past four days.

Stoneham police are continuing to search for a coyote that has bitten three people since Thursday, including a woman who sustained minor injuries on her lower leg after an attack Saturday night in the parking lot of an ice skating rink.

All three incidents occurred on Montvale Avenue in Stoneham, including two outside the Stoneham Arena skating rink and another at Extra Space Storage, a nearby self-storage facility. Police said that both the Arena and nearby Stoneham Oaks Golf Course closed to the public on Sunday as a precaution.

Due to the proximity of the attacks, police believe that all incidents were tied to the same coyote, which police suspect is hiding in the woods behind the golf course. Police confirmed that officers spotted the coyote late Sunday afternoon, but the animal took off before police could capture it.


Officers suspect that people have been feeding the coyote, making it bolder and more prone to approach than most.

Police urged anyone who spots the animal to call 911. They also advised people to keep their distance - but don’t turn and run; that could spur the coyote to give chase.

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