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‘An outstanding choice.’ Elizabeth Warren praises choice of Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary

Senator Elizabeth Warren.ANNA MONEYMAKER/NYT

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday praised President-elect Joe Biden’s choice of Janet Yellen to lead the Treasury Department, calling it “outstanding” in a series of tweets.

Warren, who many progressives had hoped would be tapped for the job herself, called Yellen “tough, smart, and principled.”

Several major news organizations reported on Monday afternoon that Biden would nominate Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018, to be the first female Treasury secretary. The 74-year-old advised Biden’s presidential campaign after departing as Fed chair, according to the Associated Press.

In her tweets, Warren contrasted Yellen with the current Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin.


“For the past four years, Secretary Mnuchin has catered to the wealthy and well-connected, while struggling families and small businesses were left behind. I’d look forward to working with Secretary Yellen to strengthen our economy, tackle inequality, and protect consumers,” she wrote.

After Warren was not selected to join Biden’s ticket, some supporters hoped she would be named to his Cabinet. But Biden could face headwinds in appointing progressives to Cabinet posts if Democrats do not retake the Senate. Cabinet members are nominated by the president but must be confirmed by the Senate.

Control of the Senate has come down to the winner of pair of run-off elections in Georgia, which will be held in January.

Though Warren may not be heading to the Biden administration right now, another Massachusetts politician was tapped for a job Monday: Former Senator and secretary of state John Kerry will join the administration as a climate envoy on the National Security Council.

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