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We said the nation does not want to see Trump dragged from the White House. Were we wrong?

The offhand line in a Globe story that set Twitter on fire.

Brendan Lynch/Globe Staff

Did the Globe misread the room? With Trump pouting in the White House, we sought advice from experts on dislodging the dug-in. We spoke to a hostage negotiator, a pre-school teacher, and an animal-control expert.

Among the tips: Give a five-minute warning. Sprinkle coyote urine. Use a ball (or a golf cart) as a lure.

So far so good. But a single line—included with the stability of the nation in mind—set off a firestorm on Twitter. “Even a nation hooked on drama does not want to see a US president dragged out the front door,” it read.

Well, forgive us. It turns out many people do want to see him dragged out, ideally kicking and screaming, as Ivanka tries to grasp his hands and Melania looks on coolly.


Among the outraged was @KeithOlbermann, the sports and political commentator. “You misspelled WE ALL WANT TO SEE HIM DRAGGED OUT THE FRONT DOOR OF THE WHITE HOUSE,” he tweeted.

Many tweeters went Olbermann one better and suggested that the delicious spectacle be monetized.

“If you make it pay-per-view you probably get enough to cover at least 1/2 of the US debts,” @BeamaBeorg suggested.

The Twitter mob is hungry for revenge.

“That’s what he wants,” @macshlibber tweeted about Trump being dragged out. “It would be more humiliating if Biden just moved in and everyone ignored him.”

“What I want to see,” tweeted @Frazzbro, “is @realDonaldTrump hiding his face as he walks out of the WH and into the hands of federal officers arresting him for a variety of crimes.”

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