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Blind date: ‘We touched on topics that people on a first date don’t typically discuss’

Will a common passion for baking heat up this date?

Kevin Z. and Katie M. on their Zoom blind date.
Kevin Z. and Katie M. on their Zoom blind date.Handout

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KEVIN Z.: 26 / physical therapy student

First thing people notice in his home: The scent of what was recently prepared

His hobbies: Running, reading, baking, and trying out local restaurants

KATIE M.: 25 / clinical research coordinator

First thing people notice in her home: Her customized rolling pin

Notable qualities: Volunteer and coach for Special Olympics



Kevin I went in open-minded, without any expectations.

Katie I was excited. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet new people during the pandemic, so this was a welcome opportunity.


Kevin I thought she looked very pretty.

Katie I immediately recognized the awesome flannel he was wearing from L.L Bean, a personal favorite of mine. He had a very friendly smile.


Kevin Katie and I talked about our families, our hobbies, and even delved into politics. She talked about her volunteer work with the special needs population, which is something that I have always been involved with as well.

Katie We easily found things in common. He hopes to be a physical therapist for children with disabilities, so I felt like he was a great human with a warm heart right off the bat.

Kevin In addition, we both enjoy going for runs, cooking, and baking, and we align pretty well politically. We were also able to talk about cheese for a solid five to 10 minutes, which is a big plus in my book.

Katie He used to want to be a chef when he was younger and talked about his love of cooking and cookbooks. We talked about supporting local businesses by ordering takeout, and about our families, running, and how we both use the [exercise] app Strava. We covered a lot of bases.


Kevin I ordered from Sarma, a Mediterranean small-plate restaurant in Somerville. I highly recommend it. My favorite dish was probably the Black Sea cornbread.

Katie I picked up cheese, crackers, and wine from Curds & Co. in Brookline Village.

Kevin The conversation flowed naturally as the date went on.

Katie It is difficult to assess romantic chemistry via Zoom, but I definitely felt warm vibes. We touched on topics that people on a first date don’t typically discuss, which he actually pointed out. We started to open up about the current political climate and the presidential election. We both disclosed our love for Michelle Obama. He even talked briefly about religion.


Kevin Our conversation wound down naturally right as I had to get going for another obligation.

Katie We agreed we would like to see where this goes, so we exchanged numbers and signed off.


Kevin I would definitely be open to [another date], but we will have to see what 2020 has in store.

Katie I think we will.


Kevin / A

Katie / A