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Mass. reports 3,627 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 40 new deaths

A health care worker on Monday gestured to a patient to blow his nose before she administered a COVID-19 test at a coronavirus testing site in Chelsea Square set up by Health Innovations.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Massachusetts rose by 3,627 Tuesday, bringing the state’s total to 253,649, the state announced.

The latest numbers come as the state is in the midst of an alarming second surge. The seven-day average of daily cases as of Tuesday was 4,639. The number of cases reported by the state tends to be lower than usual on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The death toll from confirmed cases increased by 40 to 10,833, the Department of Public Health reported.

The agency also said 58,601 people were estimated to have active cases of the potentially deadly virus, and 1,552 confirmed coronavirus patients were in the hospital.


The public health department also reported that 58,501 more tests had been conducted for coronavirus. The total number of tests administered climbed to more than 9.07 million. New antigen tests had been completed for 4,050 people, bringing that total to 284,946.

The state also reported that the seven-day average rate of positive tests, which is calculated from the total number of tests administered, was at 5.8 percent. The lowest observed figure for that metric — a number watched closely by state officials — is 0.8 percent.

The state said the rate would be 7.76 percent if the effect of college testing programs — in which asymptomatic people can be tested repeatedly in an effort to rapidly identify new cases — is factored out.

The seven-day average of hospitalized coronavirus patients rose from 1,361 to 1,413. The lowest that metric has been is 140.

In the summer, the state appeared to have wrestled the virus under control, but case counts began to gradually rise as the summer wore on. In late October, case count growth accelerated. Since Thanksgiving, it has skyrocketed, even though some experts say the effects of Thanksgiving gatherings haven’t been felt yet. Citing unsustainable increases and concern over the strain on the health care system, Governor Charlie Baker on Tuesday announced he was tightening some coronavirus restrictions.


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Peter Bailey-Wells and Todd Wallack of the Globe staff contributed to this report.

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