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Interactive: When the state says you’ll get the vaccine

Alex Kraus/Bloomberg

If all goes according to plan in Massachusetts, most state residents could be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the next six months. There’s a lot that would have to go right for that to happen, including that the state get enough vaccines to distribute to everyone. The plan that Governor Charlie Baker rolled out in December doesn’t have enough to account for all those included in the first two phases to receive both doses of the vaccine. (The vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna both require two doses to be completely effective.)

Healthcare workers who are treating COVID-19 patients are first in line for vaccines, followed by staff and residents of long-term care facilities, a population hit hard by the pandemic. Baker unveiled three distribution phases, though he was quick to add that the timeline could change.


Want to better understand where you fall in order of priority? Enter your information below to see when it is projected that you’ll get a vaccine in Massachusetts:

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