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Interactive: Mass. has updated the vaccine rollout. Take the quiz to see when you’ll be eligible now.

Alex Kraus/Bloomberg

If all goes according to plan in Massachusetts, most state residents 16 and older should be eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19 beginning in April. On Wednesday, the state announced that people 55 and older, people with one comorbidity, and workers providing various essential services will be the last groups prioritized in Phase 2, which begins Monday March 22.

In Phase 3, which the state projects will happen beginning April 19, the general public will be eligible for one of the three available vaccines from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

The original rollout plan that Governor Charlie Baker released in December has undergone multiple changes. The plan initially prioritized frontline workers and elderly residents. Within the first and second phases, the majority of residents 75 and older have gotten a vaccine, data shows. But the rollout has still been slower than expected and filled with painstaking barriers like crashed registration sites and booked-up appointment slots. Also, despite the overwhelming demand, the state has bumped up several groups throughout the rollout.


To better understand where you fall in line, given the new guidelines, enter your information below:

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