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Now you can have comforting khichdi in an on-the-go cup

Just add hot water for a nutritious one-pot dish that’s popular in India

Aahana’s instant one- dish meals in four varieties.
Aahana’s instant one- dish meals in four varieties.AnkurKarkar

Sonal Khakhar, a nutritionist who grew up in India, has taken inspiration from family recipes and introduced a line of khichdi, a comforting, one-pot dish that’s popular in India. “In India, it’s a meal for any time of the day or for a light dinner,” says Khakhar, who now lives in Ashland. “When you travel, or you’re tired, it’s all you want.” Khakhar produces her version under the name Aahana’s. The bowls come in four varieties, which are vegan, freeze-dried without preservatives, and packaged in on-the-go cups and need merely hot water: Sprouted Millet and Lentil, Sprouted Mung Beans and Rice, Masala Rice and Lentil, and Quinoa and Sprouted Lentil. They are hearty and satisfying, and well seasoned with turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and cilantro. Each has 15 grams of plant protein. If you’re at home working, the cups make it easy and quick to prepare something healthy. “Our goal is to create foods that make you feel good and are energizing to your body along with creating convenient, tasty, and flavorful everyday meals,” Khakhar says. ($6 each; $20 for a variety pack of four; shipping is free). To order, go to aahanasnaturals.com.



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