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Democrats call for Trump to be removed from office after mob stormed US Capitol

Pro-Trump supporters storm the Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday.
Pro-Trump supporters storm the Capitol following a rally with President Donald Trump in Washington on Wednesday.Samuel Corum/Photographer: Samuel Corum/Getty

A growing number of Democratic lawmakers called for President Trump to be ousted from office Wednesday for inciting a violent mob that stormed the Capitol.

Calls quickly mounted on social media for Congress to impeach Trump a second time, or for him to be removed via the 25th Amendment, and Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minneapolis, said on Twitter that she is drawing up articles of impeachment.

“Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate. We can’t allow him to remain in office, it’s a matter of preserving our Republic and we need to fulfill our oath,” she wrote Wednesday.


In the hours that followed, a number of elected officials echoed that call, or more generally called for Trump to depart the White House. Among them were several Massachusetts lawmakers, including Representative Ayanna Pressley of Boston, a fellow member of the so-called Squad of progressive Democratic women with Omar.

“Donald J. Trump should immediately be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate as soon as Congress reconvenes,” Pressley tweeted. “This is dangerous & unacceptable.”

She later elaborated in a statement, saying Trump endangered the lives of members of Congress and staff.

“By actively inciting a violent insurrection, he has endangered the lives of Members of Congress and staff, and once again demonstrated his contempt for democratic rule of law and the will of the American people,” she said in the statement.

Representative Katherine Clark of Melrose, the fourth-ranking member in the House Democratic caucus, did not mention impeachment specifically but said that Trump needs to be removed.

“Donald Trump is a traitor to our country and our Constitution. He must be removed from office and prevented from further endangering our country and our people,” she said.


Representative Seth Moulton of Salem echoed those sentiments on Twitter that Trump needs to go.

“Trump is directly responsible for this insurrection and violence. He needs to be removed from office immediately. It is the Constitutional responsibility of Vice President Pence and the cabinet to exercise the power granted them by the 25th amendment,” Moulton said.

Section Four of the 25th Amendment provides for a process by which the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet can decide the president cannot carry out his duties and install the vice president in his place.

Moulton was joined by Representatives Richard Neal and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

President-elect Joe Biden will succeed Trump Jan. 20. One unofficial tally, compiled by David Nir, political director of liberal website Daily Kos, listed about 40 Democratic lawmakers backing impeachment or Trump’s removal by the Cabinet.

“This is outrageous, and the president caused it. We should impeach and convict him tomorrow,” said Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline.

Some Republicans joined the push. Vermont Governor Phil Scott said Trump was to blame for Wednesday’s “insurrection” and that he should either resign, be removed by the Cabinet, or be impeached by Congress.

“The fabric of our democracy and the principles of our republic are under attack by the President,” Scott posted on Twitter. “Enough is enough.”

The Lincoln Project, a political committee founded by a group of current and former Republican strategists opposed to Trump and his allies, issued a statement calling on the House to impeach Trump immediately and the Senate to convict and remove him.


Others turned their attention to the role played by Republican lawmakers who had backed Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen from him.

Freshman Representative Cori Bush, a Missouri Democrat, said she planned to introduce a resolution calling for the expulsion of Republican members of Congress who helped incite what she described as a “domestic terror attack.”

Bush said Republicans who have challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election “have broken their sacred oath of office.”

She posted on Twitter a draft of her proposed resolution, which would direct a House ethics panel to investigate whether members of the US House “who have sought to overturn the 2020 Presidential election have violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution or the Rules of the House of Representatives, and should face sanction, including removal from the House of Representatives.”

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