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What happened next? Did these Cupid alum find love on their blind dates?

In a year of challenges for those searching for love, we checked in on some past Cupid applicants.

An illustration of a red heart to go with follow-up on Dinner With Cupid blind dates.
An illustration of a red heart to go with follow-up on Dinner With Cupid blind dates.Adobe Stock

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Patrick I didn’t see Kristina again, though we did text and almost met up once or twice. But I knew she wasn’t the one for me. I’m back in Australia (for now). There’s no magic to matchmaking — as with anything if you don’t try, you don’t succeed.

Kristina Funnily enough, the man I’m currently dating found the story online before our first date. He told me he was impressed that I’d be the type of girl to do this sort of thing, which requires bravery, confidence, and openness.



Britt I never saw [Ben] again. We both didn’t feel it. I think we chatted for like a tight five. But that’s it. I’m hoping he’s doing fine as an actor right now. I have absolutely zero regrets.

Ben We had a lot in common (and several mutual friends) but it wasn’t a match. She’s definitely fun to gossip with about the theater community.


Jon We never ended up meeting and it fizzled out pretty quickly. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died the week we wanted to meet up and it completely took over my work. We stopped texting soon after.

Kayce Overall, I’m glad I was able to participate, even if it didn’t end in romance. Thank you, Boston Globe, for giving people a way to safely connect in a pandemic.


J.R. The best part: A college friend who I have not seen in 40 years contacted me after seeing the article. We shared some great stories from our youth, compared notes, and will get together when the weather warms up.

Jasmine It’s a funny story that my friends and I still laugh about. Now I know that blind dates aren’t for me.


Rick Since [my date], there have been lots of one and done, first last dates, “catch and release”. . . The latest wrinkle is for all of us “seniors” to apply to be a contestant on the new mature edition of The Bachelor.

Lydia I don’t have any regrets, the story of my date brought a lot of joy to my family during a difficult time.


Amaris Honestly, the primary downfall of that date (as well as subsequent ones I’ve had) is that there was a lack of alignment regarding what dating could look like during a pandemic.

Olivia He was great but my focus was on my family’s health, staying safe, and other quarantine challenges. I think it was just unfortunate timing, as with most things in 2020.

Ryan All of the chaos in the world seemed to take over and we lost touch. It was a good experience, but 2020 has been tough.

Chet [My date] and I never ended up meeting up, due to COVID. Love is still out there.