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Trump has been sending tweets from other accounts. Twitter deleted those, too

Twitter suspended President Trump's personal account and campaign account Friday.
Twitter suspended President Trump's personal account and campaign account Friday.Justin Sullivan/Getty

Twitter announced Friday it would permanently pull the plug on President Trump’s Twitter account, citing concern that he would use it for “further incitement of violence.” But that didn’t stop the president from taking to other accounts to get a word in.

Trump was briefly unblocked after a 12-hour ban implemented when he posted a video that repeated false claims about election fraud and praised the rioters who stormed the Capitol. After regaining access to his account, the president pushed the same rhetoric, and the tech giant put its foot down.

The president then tweeted a statement from the @POTUS account, which is a government account that is passed down from president to president. The tweets promoted falsities about free speech, claiming Twitter was working with with Democrats “to silence” him. Trump also said he was looking at the possibilities of building his own “platform” in the near future. Twitter quickly deleted the thread, but not before it was screenshot and shared by a number of users.


The President then tapped into his campaign account @TeamTrump, where he again tweeted the statements that were deleted from the @POTUS page. The account also pushed out an altered image of the Twitter logo, edited red to look like the Soviet Union flag. Twitter then suspended that account, too.

Gary Coby, who is listed on LinkedIn as the digital director from Trump’s 2020 campaign, also had his account suspended after offering it to Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media. Coby changed his account name and photo to that of Donald J. Trump, and tagged Scavino in a post that said “Texting you my twitter login … Feel free to use!”

Twitter appeared to suspend Coby’s account, too.

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