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With vaccine and its two doses (or one), questions remain

So, let’s say I’m a lucky person who gets the first vaccine dose. And a few weeks afterward, I get my follow-up dose. Then what? Can I go to a restaurant fearlessly? Shop without a mask? Visit friends? Reopen my economy?

Or maybe I’m half lucky. As has been discussed here and implemented in some countries, maybe I get the first dose, but my second dose is postponed so that more people can get their first dose. Is there a time frame by which I need to take the second dose, after which the first is rendered ineffective? Or can I get the second shot at any time?


I’ve been looking for this information, to no avail. Maybe because it doesn’t yet exist?

These questions were triggered by reports I’ve seen where some companies were planning to develop a digital “passport” to show that you’ve been vaccinated. I believe similar apps were used in some Asian countries for people who tested negative.

Alex Smith