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A special honey from a specialty company

Savannah Bee is offering a black sage honey from a shrub that flourishes only for several weeks in the spring, if it blooms at all

Black sage honey.
Black sage honey.Handout

The Savannah Bee Company specializes in raw honey varietals — sourwood from Southern Appalachian Mountains, Tupelo from blossoms in Georgia and Florida river basins, and more. Lately, the company is offering a rare type — black sage honey from the aromatic shrub that flourishes in the hills of South Central California and blooms only for several weeks in the spring, if it blooms at all. “It produces nectar for bees to make honey about once every three years,” says company owner Ted Dennard. Ordinarily scarce, it’s a treat to find this honey that’s earthy and peppery and pairs well with savory dishes and will elevate a dressing or sauce. “We got lucky with a great production year in 2020,” says Dennard. Available at Shake the Tree, 67 Salem St., Boston, 617-742-0484, or order at savannahbee.com. (3 to 80 ounces; from $7 to $100).



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.