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Is anyone more meme-able than Bernie? Debatable

How altered photos of the Vermont senator, including ones of him at several notable Boston locations, have taken over the internet

Sen. Bernie Sanders waiting for Joe Biden to be sworn in.
Sen. Bernie Sanders waiting for Joe Biden to be sworn in.Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post

There was a lot of fashion news happening at Wednesday’s presidential inauguration. A string of purple outfits caught America’s eye, as did Lady Gaga’s massive bird brooch, Jennifer Lopez’s signature nude lip, and poet Amanda Gorman’s yellow coat.

But naturally, what did social media care about? Bernie Sanders and the memes that could be made around his arrival at the inaugural festivities.

The longtime Vermont senator, former presidential candidate, and certified outfit repeater delivered a look like no other. At the historic swearing-in ceremony, Sanders possessed unmatched dad energy. He wore a “falcon”-colored Burton jacket that’s now sold out online and a stellar pair of mittens crafted by a Vermont native. In his hand, he carried a yellow envelope that reportedly held his inauguration tickets.


Sitting on a black plastic chair, hands folded, mask on, eyes squinted, Bernie’s curmudgeonly pose set the internet on fire. Only a day later, there are hundreds — if not thousands — of altered photos of the sitting Sanders at national moments, on city streets, and even in movie scenes.

In a much-needed act of public service, one tech-savvy Twitter user, @nick_sawhey, created a rudimentary site that allows people to insert the senator into a photo of any address or location. Here are the results from several notable spots around Boston, at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, and next to Trump Tower (plus a healthy dose of other inauguration memes to entertain you all day):

This is Bernie near Fenway Park.

Sanders outside of Fenway Park.
Sanders outside of Fenway Park.Bernie Sits

...at the Copley Square Boston Public Library.

Sanders sitting inside the Copley Square Boston Public Library
Sanders sitting inside the Copley Square Boston Public LibraryBernie Sits

....at Boston City Hall.

Sanders outside Boston City Hall
Sanders outside Boston City HallBernie Sits

....at Faneuil Hall.

Sanders outside of Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Sanders outside of Faneuil Hall MarketplaceBernie Sits

...in the Boston Common.

Sanders catching sun in Boston Common
Sanders catching sun in Boston CommonBernie Sits

...in Downtown Crossing.

Sanders in Downtown Crossing
Sanders in Downtown CrossingBernie Sits

Or maybe Sanders is better suited to lounge around Washington D.C. (Also to note, he also wore this jacket in another long-loved meme, “I am once again...”)


Sanders parking his chair outside of the White House
Sanders parking his chair outside of the White HouseBernie Sits

Hordes of people online had fun with the feature.

If you’re wondering what you missed on the Bernie meme front at large, these are a few sitting Sanders creations crafted outside the DIY app.

Not enough? The Web had some thoughts about what Donald Trump wrote in his outgoing note for the new commander-in-chief. Biden said the message was “very generous,” but the public guessed otherwise.

One meme included a note from an infamous “Jersey Shore” scene that wreaked havoc on one of the show’s most well-known couples.

In other meme news, national anthem singer Lady Gaga, who wore an enormous gold bird brooch to the ceremony, looked very close to volunteering herself for tribute á la “The Hunger Games,” the widely-popular teen book and movie series about a province-wide fight to the death (and a scathing critique of capitalism).

In the end, all that matters is that Bernie likes the memes.

See a meme you particularly loved? Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_.