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FBI hikes reward for help in probe of pipe bombs left at Republican and Democratic headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Pipe bomb suspect.FBI

Authorities have hiked the reward to up to $75,000 for information on whoever left suspected pipe bombs at the Republican and Democratic national committee buildings in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, the same day that a violent mobbed stormed the US Capitol in a riot that left at least five people dead including a police officer.

Via Twitter Thursday, the FBI Washington D.C. field office confirmed the $75,000 offer, up from an initial reward of $50,000.

“ADDITIONAL REWARD: @ATFWashington & #FBIWFO are now offering a reward of up to $75K for info about the person(s) responsible for the placement of suspected pipe bombs in DC on January 6th,” the FBI tweeted. “Call 1800CALLFBI with info or submit to”


The FBI also once again released surveillance images of a pipe bomb suspect, clad in a light-colored hooded sweatshirt whose face is obscured.

Michael Sherwin, acting US attorney for Washington, D.C., last week told reporters the pipe bombs found at the RNC and DNC headquarters were “real devices” with “explosive igniters. They had timers. We don’t know, obviously, why they did not go off. ... That is all obviously being vetted and investigated. What was the purpose of those devices being planted? Was it a diversionary type of a tactic used by some of these rioters?”

He said investigators are seeking the people who planted the bombs.

“And as mentioned, with this strike-force to focus strictly on sedition charges, we’re looking at, in creating this, just like a significant international counterterrorism or counterintelligence operation, we’re looking at everything,” Sherwin said. “Money, travel records. Looking at disposition, movement, communication records. So no resource related to the FBI or the US attorney’s office will be unchecked in terms of trying to determine exactly, if there was a command and control, how it operated and how they executed these activities.”


The pipe bombs were discovered shortly before the start of the Capitol riot, which erupted after many in the mob had attended a rally in which Donald Trump told them to walk to the Capitol and “fight like hell” in an effort to block the certification of then President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, a process that wrapped up early the next morning. Biden was inaugurated Wednesday.

A online database of suspects currently charged in federal court in Washington for their alleged roles in the riot listed 108 defendants late Thursday morning. Authorities have said they expect hundreds of people to ultimately face charges.

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