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Blind date: ‘I wore slippers on a date for the first time!’

Will these two daters get lost on their way to romance?

Andrew C. and Daniela W. on their Zoom blind date.
Andrew C. and Daniela W. on their Zoom blind date.

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ANDREW C.: 33 / investment manager

Last thing he read: Smash!, about ’90s punk bands

What makes him a catch: He’s an amazing cook

DANIELA W.: 30 / transportation planner

Her hobbies: Making maps and doing geospatial analysis

What makes her a catch: She’s a great party host



Andrew I figured it would be a fun experience, a great story to tell, and a good way to put myself out there.


Daniela My friend had a great experience, in fact I believe her date was the last in-person Cupid date of 2020.

Andrew I went on YouTube and watched a video called The Best of McLovin to make me laugh, lighten things up, and get some inspiration.

Daniela I wore slippers on a date for the first time! Much better than heels. I was a bit nervous, but 2020 overprepared me for Zoom “meetings.”

Andrew She had long hair, she was cute.

Daniela I think he was a bit nervous, but I think that’s normal on blind dates.


Andrew She was born in Peru and had moved around a bit. She works as a transportation consultant. We’re both into punk bands like The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Minor Threat. It’s always fun to meet someone who’s into the same bands as you.

Daniela He really likes some punk bands I was into when in middle and high school. It was a nostalgic trip for me to hear about some of them.

Andrew We also discussed our love of Rugrats, and I referenced a few of my favorite quotes. We’ve both seen episodes in the past year and got a good laugh at how there are many jokes in that cartoon that aren’t really appropriate for little kids.


Daniela There were a few topics that were cute at first, like walking down memory lane, but it was a tad difficult to change the topic.

Andrew I ordered sushi from All Seasons. It was great!

Daniela The top two places I wanted to order food from were closed. I found a good sushi place and was able to open a bottle of wine I already had at home.

Andrew I think we got a bit more comfortable with each other as the date went on and we discovered some of our shared interests.

Daniela Doing the date virtually was easier and way more relaxing than in-person. I had never been on a completely blind date before.


Andrew Probably 15-20 minutes in, I was thinking she’s nice but we’re not really connecting at that level. By that point in a first date, you should be feeling more of a connection and laughing a bit more and we weren’t.

Daniela It was a very new experience, however, there was no romantic connection.

Andrew I asked her if she’d like to talk again and she gave me her number and we said bye.

Daniela I told Andrew I had to go help my sister with her newborn.


Andrew I’d be open to another date and see if there’s more of a connection but we probably won’t.


Daniela I don’t think so. I did not feel a spark.


Andrew / B-

Daniela / C