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Letters to the editor of Globe Magazine

Readers weigh in on Bostonians of the Year and a school nurse’s essay.

2020 Retrospective

I’d like to commend you wholeheartedly for spotlighting those workers who have helped us all — and sacrificed themselves — during 2020, a truly unique and invidious year (Bostonians of the Year, December 13). It is indeed gratifying that, in this day and age, when much of the news is discouraging and depressing, that there are those members of the community who unselfishly dedicate their time and energy to the needs of those who are less fortunate.

Mel B. Yoken

New Bedford

Regarding the 2020 Bostonians of the Year, I was surprised that there were virtually (in the pre-COVID sense of the word) no Asian Americans; only a small reference and minuscule photo of Dr. Ashish Jha and no mention at all of BU’s Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, both of whom the national media continually sought out to interview because of their expertise. What an oversight not to give more mention of these and so many others working in the front lines.

Joe Galeota



Profile in Courage

I was delighted to see Neil Swidey’s Bostonians of the Year article (“The COVID Scientists: Stacey Gabriel & The Broad Institute,” December 13). Your readers should know that there is an open MIT course on the COVID pandemic where scientists teach the science behind COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and the pandemic, and where Eric Lander and Stacey Gabriel describe how the Broad Institute accomplished the remarkable task Swidey summarized.

Richard Young

Professor of Biology, MIT

These people rise up, they make a stand, they make us all proud, in the service of others and the greater good.


posted on bostonglobe.com

We owe [Gabriel] and the fabulous team at the Broad a huge debt of gratitude.The ingenuity she displayed should have been supported and replicated by the federal [government] ... and that’s cost us in lives lost. We saw what could be done in countries that rolled out widespread testing.



posted on bostonglobe.com

Heroes. The way Gabriel and those at the Broad Institute stepped up and shouldered a burden just because they realized SOMEONE had to step up is truly remarkable and inspiring. True heroes.


posted on bostonglobe.com

Nursing Memories

As a retired school nurse who worked at the Children’s Hospital outpatient adolescent clinic for 20 years, this Connections essay brought to mind the many instances in my career when students made up ailments just to have a chance to talk to someone who would listen (“As a School Nurse, I’m Missing My Frequent Fliers,” December 13). I was always happy to see these youngsters to find out how they were adjusting with their concerns. In other words, we both benefited from the experience. Thank you for publishing this article. It brought back great memories.

Beverly Hector-Smith


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