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Blind date: ‘I probably overshared about family and exes’

Will these two daters make a connection that stretches past their “old-lady” bedtimes?

Hannah M. and Devin B.

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HANNAH M.: 27 / biotech administrator

What makes her a catch: She’s open-minded and likes trying new things

Her perfect mate: Someone who does something creative and is very smart

DEVIN B.: 35 / assistant professor

First thing people notice in her home: Her wall of books

Her hobbies: Running, biking, and being mildly “outdoorsy”



Hannah I thought it would be fun to get dressed up for a change.


Devin I was excited — during the pandemic I haven’t had a whole lot of events to look forward to. I put lipstick on for the first time in months!

Hannah I went on a run and talked to my sister. I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect.

Devin I was careful about ordering something that would be easy to eat on camera.

Hannah She logged on after me. I liked her style and think she’s pretty.

Devin She had also done her makeup, and had this nice glitter going on and some fun earrings.


Hannah I admitted that I had already eaten some sushi and dumplings. I was starving. But I did bring some fried rice and a fortune cookie so she wouldn’t have to eat alone.

Devin We talked about when we’d applied — Hannah so recently that it was still on her mind, and me long enough ago that I’d mostly forgotten about it.

Hannah She’s a professor at MIT and teaches urban economics, which is hard not to be impressed by.

Devin I discovered that Hannah is an artist, and had painted the art behind her on camera. We talked about how our lives and work had been disrupted during the pandemic. We also talked about traveling, and Hannah’s experiences living abroad.


Hannah We realized how we spend our Saturdays was pretty similar. We both enjoy biking in the city. Her undergrad degree is in film and mine’s in animation.

Devin We both seem drawn to creative outlets (she paints and draws and animates, and I write), and we both run. We’ve both been hit by cars while biking.

Hannah Her dinner delivery came later in the date.

Devin I ordered gnocchi and broccoli rabe from Carlo’s Cucina Italiana — both were great.

Hannah We talked for over two hours. I felt more comfortable and less jittery as the date went on. There’s a lot you can learn about a person if you’ve never met them.

Devin I felt pretty comfortable from the start. I probably overshared about family and exes, while Hannah had better boundaries. I hope she didn’t mind.


Hannah I was hesitant about the fact that she’s a bit older than me.

Devin We talked about a few things that made me feel like we’re at different places in life — which is maybe not too surprising, given that we have an eight-year age gap. That said, I enjoyed talking to Hannah.

Hannah I kind of overexcited myself into sleepiness by the end. I have the bedtime of an old woman.

Devin We were both getting tired about 9, which was approaching my old-lady bedtime. We exchanged numbers and said goodbye.



Hannah I had a lot of fun, but after thinking about it I wasn’t sure if I felt a romantic spark. I would definitely be interested in being friends.

Devin We live 30 miles apart and we don’t own cars, so I’m not sure a date is in our future — but we exchanged numbers.


Hannah / A

Devin / A