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The Black history I carry with me: Jabari Chioke Mosi Peddie

A Beautiful Resistance celebrates Black History Month

Jabari Peddie.
Jabari Peddie.file

A Beautiful Resistance is celebrating Black History Month by amplifying local stories of change-makers and the people inspired by them.

“My name is Jabari Chioke Mosi Peddie, and I want to celebrate New England Black History by honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

“Now is the time to make brotherhood a reality.” A resonant and transcendent order from a speech that Dr. King delivered to a crowd of thousands at a freedom march in the South End— it is that same order which defined how I walked the campus of Morehouse College, our alma mater, and defines now how I walk the turning streets of Boston. Boston has long had the duplicitous reputation: progressive, yet prejudice, and this was impressed upon me prior to my migration to New England from New York City, by way of Atlanta, both cities where I found constant affirmations of my identity. But like Dr. King, I found purpose in Boston; I found love, I found community, and I found growth. He has cobbled his impression throughout the city’s streets, paving paths for me, and all other identities and walks of life. I salute you Dr. King.”


Peddie is an educator and co-founder of The Teachers’ Lounge, a safe place for educators of color to network, learn, and be fortified.

Jeneé Osterheldt can be reached at jenee.osterheldt@globe.com and on Twitter @sincerelyjenee.