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The Black history I carry with me: Kevin Dua

A Beautiful Resistance celebrates Black History Month

Kevin Dua
Kevin Duafile

“My name is Kevin Dua, and I want to celebrate New England’s Black History by honoring Crispus Attucks: a person whom I should have taught better about to students as their 9th-grade U.S. History 1 teacher. The revolution’s first casualty, of Indigenous and African descent from Framingham, had his blood shed in the city of Boston.

His country – a country who never loved his skin equally – won its freedom from foreign oppression due to his lost life. To Booker T. Washington, Mr. Attucks was murdered so that ‘the white American might enjoy liberty forever, though his race remained in slavery.’


To Dr. King, Crispus’ heritage was a ‘reminder of what he did for all oppressed people everywhere.’ Crispus Attucks was a patriot to humanity and an abolitionist towards inhumanity. His story is our American history.”

Kevin Dua was honored as the 2017 History Teacher of the Year for Massachusetts. He is the first black educator to hold that title in the state.

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