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For Newton florists, Valentine’s Day was a blooming success

Valentine's Day at flower shop, Stephanie's Flowers, in Chestnut Hill, February 2021.
Valentine's Day at Stephanie's Flowers in Chestnut Hill.PHOTO COURTESY STEPHANIE WARD SABER

Complete chaos. Wild. Crazy. Fun. Exhausting. Happy.

Those are some of the words Stephanie Ward Saber used to describe a Valentine’s Day at her flower shop. And this year in particular, during COVID-19, she had a lot of extra orders.

Ward has owned Stephanie’s Flowers at Chestnut Hill for 25 years, and ahead of Valentine’s Day weekend, she said her shop was twice as busy this year because many people are unable to visit loved ones.

Last year customers came in, looked around the store and chose the combination of flowers they wanted. This Valentine’s Day, the flower shop had more deliveries and online orders, and tulips and hyacinths were wrapped and ready for customers to quickly grab and go.


At Winston’s Flowers in Newton and its other three retail locations — Wellesley, Back Bay and Greenwich, Conn. — there have been an uptick of people placing orders ahead of time for pick up, said Director of Operations Kelly Bonzani.

“Kind of thinking with that courtside mentality of being able to already have an idea of what they want, come in really quickly and get it and then leave again.” Bonzani said. “We’ve definitely seen more of that than people coming in and wanting to really take their time and look over every single flower and every single step before making a decision.”

Bonzani said that Winston’s Flowers expected to sell about 200,000 roses just for Valentine’s Day weekend.

While Feb. 14 was a wild day for local flower shops, Bonzani said Winton’s Flowers in Newton has seen an increase of plant sales at their garden nursery and greenhouse during the pandemic.

“We are also seeing a lot of people fixing up their homes,” she said. “They need plants around, they want to make their stations beautiful,” Bonzani said.


She said customers are interested in “the health benefits of plants.”

“We see a lot of people coming in and asking which plants are the best for purifying the air,” Bonzani said.

Ward from Stephanie’s Flowers of Chestnut Hill said last year’s shutdown was “horrible” for her shop.

“We are in a small area in Chestnut Hill, and our clients really supported us and rallied through the open,” Wark said. “We have a nice clientele, and they really pulled through for us and got us back up on our feet.”

Kseniya Khromima, who recently opened a flower shop in Newton, Floristika Studio, said that on Sunday, which is the store’s first Valentine’s Day, they had about 30 orders of their high-end flowers and a wedding, and she said she felt good about the sales’ results.

Khromima said she enjoys the different categories of gifting traditions during Valentine’s Day, like partners buying flowers for their significant others, sons and daughters to their families, and new traditions like women celebrating each other.

“I think interesting trends appeared several years ago like Galentine’s Day on Saturday, when girls celebrate each other and they also order flowers for each other.” Bonzani said. “It’s a nice way to show love, and flowers are very emotional so you can order different styles and make your partner feel loved and stuff.”

Gabriela A. Lopez Gomes can be reached at newtonreport@globe.com.