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Weather | Dave Epstein

Mild weather is on the way this week as spring approaches

High temperatures will approach 50 in some spots Wednesday.
High temperatures will approach 50 in some spots Wednesday.NOAA

Could you feel that touch of spring in the air Tuesday afternoon? Indeed, the sun this time of year is strong enough that even on a day that stays in the 40s, it still feels different — full of hope and promise. When this winter finally is over it will have been marked mostly by the pandemic, but also of a February which brought cold and snow the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2015. While Boston’s snow this month has been near average, other areas just west of the city have seen a top 10 snowy February with well over 30 inches!

As we inch closer to March, it becomes harder and harder for there to be any more bitterly cold days and the chances of snowstorms will slowly start to diminish with each passing week. You will likely have a more acute bout of spring fever tomorrow. On Wednesday, along with sunshine, temperatures should get between 45 and 50 degrees as snow banks diminish and puddles grow.


There’s a huge difference between what’s on the ground right along the coastline and just a few miles inland. You can see on the map below that snow cover is near a foot in MetroWest but the ground is bare further east. If you want the snow to melt you not only need mild conditions but plenty of rain as well. In other words, the fact that it’s going to be mild the next couple of days is not going to bring back your lawn. There are reports of crocuses in bloom over Cape Cod and if we didn’t have so much snow, I suspect others would see the same.

Snow depths in New England for the month of February.
Snow depths in New England for the month of February.NOAA

Milder air will stream northward on a southwesterly breeze Wednesday. There could also be some cloudiness limiting the absolute warmth just a bit. Nevertheless you can count on at least some degree of sunshine all day. The deep snow can also keep the potential high temperature down somewhat.


The dry weather will continue Thursday and likely into Friday, although it will be a bit cooler as some Canadian air filters into the region.

There could be some snow and rain on Saturday and again late in the weekend, but the next couple of systems look rather weak and are not poised to bring significant precipitation. There may be one more shot of very cold air next week before the pattern continues to evolve and become more spring-like.

Some rain or snow is likely again early next week with additional cold air.
Some rain or snow is likely again early next week with additional cold air.Tropical Tidbits

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