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Dunkin’ unveils its latest experimental snack: avocado toast

The Dunkin' Avocado Toast. It comes in a special box.Clint Blowers

Yep, you read that right.

Along with coffee, bagels, and doughnuts, avocado toast is now available at Dunkin’. The chain’s version of the “toasty, tasty trend” includes a creamy avocado spread, sourdough bread, and a dusting of Everything But the Bagel seasoning made from poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onions, and garlic, according to a statement.

The snack is $2.99 and served in a special portable box.

“We’ve taken a popular brunch staple and made it accessible for anyone looking for something easy and delicious to eat on-the-go,” Dunkin’ vice president of marketing Jill Nelson wrote in a statement.

It’s a tamer addition to the Dunkin’ menu, which was home to experimental snacks like Snackin’ Bacon and Donut Fries in the past. But avocado toast may strike a chord with millennials and brunch aficionados who have loved the combination for years.


Journalist Kasie Hunt quipped on Twitter that Dunkin’ serving avocado toast is “a national tragedy.” Still, others on Twitter have called the snack “not half bad” and even “pretty.” One person pointed out how it has virtually the same nutritional value as a doughnut.

“Just stick with the donut,” they offered.

Dunkin’s spring menu also includes other meme-worthy additions, including a matcha-topped doughnut.

What did you think of the Dunkin’ Avocado Toast? Let us know. Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_.

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com.Follow her on Twitter @ditikohli_.