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Patriots say Dave Ziegler has a new role — perhaps as Nick Caserio’s replacement?

Dave Ziegler (8) played at John Carroll University with Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels.
Dave Ziegler (8) played at John Carroll University with Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels.Picasa

The Patriots face the challenge of replacing a key figure who was with the franchise for two decades, including all six Super Bowl wins.

Yes, technically that could still be a reference to Tom Brady, but in 2021 it also means Nick Caserio. Granted, the former personnel director’s value to New England was clearly less than that of a franchise quarterback, but Caserio — now the general manager of the Texans — was instrumental in helping Bill Belichick build (and rebuild) multiple championship rosters.

Although no one has been named New England’s new director of player personnel, Dave Ziegler was introduced in a recent interview with Patriots team reporter Megan O’Brien as having a “new role.”


“There [have] been some changes to the organization,” O’Brien said. “Nick left, and you have a new role.”

Ziegler has been in New England for eight years, following three with the Broncos’ scouting department. He was the Patriots’ assistant director of player personnel in 2020, working with Caserio (whom he played with in college at John Carroll alongside Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels).

Looking at his new role, Ziegler thanked his colleagues for helping with the transition.

“It’s been fun, and it’s been challenging,” Ziegler said. “It’s been a new level of having to be ultra-organized, prioritize tasks and be involved on just a greater scope with more people in the organization, which has been fun. Luckily for me, the support here within the scouting department from people like Brian Smith and Steve Cargile, Eliot Wolf — I could keep naming people, but we have so many good people here that offer support, that have experience, that it’s made the transition pretty seamless.

“And it’s exciting,” Ziegler said. “A new challenge, more involvement, being able to lead more people and hopefully have a greater impact is something that we all strive for in our careers. So it’s an exciting opportunity and something I’m ready to keep grinding away at.”


Looking at the 2021 offseason, the obvious difference to years past are the ongoing restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic. The NFL canceled the rookie scouting combine, and college pro days have limited attendance.

“It presents a new challenge, because you don’t have the opportunity [to have] as much face-to-face time with the players,” Ziegler said. “I think that’s the biggest thing. The interviews and the personal contact, and the face-to-face communication. Taking that out — you do Zoom calls and things like that — but just that face-to-face communication makes it different, because you’re not able to get the read on players that you would normally have, or the side conversations that you would have with players throughout the week makes it different.”

Along with discussing the recent “unique” trend of quarterback trades, Ziegler was asked about the Patriots’ vast amount of cap space.

“I think having cap space gives you flexibility, and there aren’t a whole lot of teams at this point that maybe have a lot of cap space,” he said. “I think having that flexibility, it just opens up options for you. And I think that at the same time, there’s still a responsibility to spend those dollars wisely.”

NFL free agency begins March 17, with the draft set for April 29.