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This article contains spoilers.

I understand why Netflix’s “Behind Her Eyes” is popular. It seems like a perfectly bingeable six-part British miniseries that promises a juicy love triangle, psychological thrills, and some mystery. It’s fresh blood for those who’ve been turned into TV vampires during lockdown.

But oh my lord. It has many problems, the biggest of which is the slap-in-the-face ending, which means I’ll be disclosing details here about what happens, which means: If you plan to watch “Behind Her Eyes,” which became available on Feb. 17, stop reading now.

Set in London, the story finds the ordinary, likable Louise having an affair with her broody psychiatrist boss, David. She’s a single mother, he’s new to town and married to a woman named Adele. It’s all pretty bland, but then Adele seems oddly fragile and possibly more interesting. Apparently not knowing about the affair, Adele befriends Louise, with David unaware of their friendship. So there’s Louise, stuck in the middle, wondering why Adele is so strange, and why David seems to be obsessively monitoring his wife’s every move and almost holding her hostage. What is this, “Jane Eyre”?

No, alas, this is just a bunch of bunk. More like “Bane Err” (sorry). Turns out that “Behind Her Eyes” is not an erotic thriller so much as a bit of supernatural trickery. Years earlier, Adele made a friend named Rob at a psychiatric facility. Thanks to astral projection or something like that, Rob, who is/was gay, took over Adele’s body, then killed his original body with a heroin overdose. At the end of the series, we learn that Rob (inside Adele) has gone on to inhabit Louise and killed off Adele’s body. Bim, bam, boom, the gay guy gets to live in bliss in Louise’s body as unknowing David’s lover. He is “behind her eyes.”


Some viewers have defended the end, and pointed to clues buried in everything that comes before it. I am happy that they enjoyed it. But for me, the denouement was a denoue-don’t, and I shook my head, raised my eyebrow, sighed, and did whatever signifies contempt. It felt like one of the old “It was all just a dream” twists. I was lured into romantic suspense, and found myself steeped in sci-fi.


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