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Woman contacts Transit Police after man, 22, claims to be Satan on Orange Line train

Travelers on the Orange Line's Forest Hills station.
Travelers on the Orange Line's Forest Hills station.Globe File photo

Many Bostonians have shared tales of hellacious rides, or delays, on the MBTA.

But on Monday, a 22-year-old man claiming to be Satan confronted a woman on an Orange Line train, prompting her to contact authorities, according to a statement from MBTA Transit Police.

The incident unfolded around 10:45 p.m., according to officials.

That’s when Transit Police responded to the MBTA Forest Hills station for what was initially described as an “unknown problem,” the statement said. The nature of the problem soon became clear.

“Upon arrival officers were met by a 20 year old female who relayed the following: while traveling on an Orange Line train a male sat across from her,” the statement said. “The male dressed in all black attire was wearing a mask, covering his entire face, and had his hood on with the draw string pulled tightly around his face.”


The man typed “I am Satan” on his phone, the statement said, and extended his arm toward the woman to display the bizarre message. He then intently stared at the woman, police said, and she later told officers “this frightened her and pointed out the alleged Satan.”

Officers confronted him, and the would-be Lucifer informed them he was, in fact, just looking for love.

“The male admitted to displaying the message while staring at her ominously but claimed he was only flirting with her and trying to be funny and further stated, ‘I was going to try and get her number,’” the statement said.

The man failed in that attempt but did manage to get a stern warning from the Transit Police.

“Officers advised the male his attempt was not found humorous and had the opposite effect,” the statement said. “The reporting party was escorted by officers to her desired location and the male was ejected from the station.”


It wasn’t immediately clear where the man, who wasn’t charged with any crimes, went from there.

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