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The vaccine rush goes on

Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

Re “Again, website frustrates thousands trying to get a shot” (Page A1, Feb. 26): An estimated wait time of 50,475 minutes is outrageous. Why is the state creating more invitations than it can handle? Why not open up vaccinations to age cohorts of one or two years at at a time instead of a decade at a time? Why is a 74-year-old competing with a 66-year-old for a vaccine? Why is it OK to have human beings attached to a website for hours at a time in pursuit of the slimmest chance of getting a slot? Think of what else we all could have been doing with that time.

This is not complicated. Even in kindergarten, they don’t send all the children into the bathroom at the same time.


Judith Herzfeld


What’s wrong with this picture?

Tip number three from a sidebar in Tuesday’s paper: “Work at a computer if you can. If you can use multiple screens or multiple browsers, try several sites at once.”

Seriously? This is health care we are talking about, not day trading.

Chris Hale