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In this Jamaica Plain home, ‘open concept’ includes a toilet in full view

The toilet and shower in one Jamaica Plain home are fully visible from the adjacent room.Boston Trust Realty Group

Many home buyers want more counter space, a landscaped yard, or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Precious few are on the hunt for an open-concept bathroom.

And yet, one $900,000 Jamaica Plain listing is offering just that: a toilet in full view.

There is no wall — or even a door — between the adjacent room and the spacious bathroom at 302 South St. #2. Instead, the toilet is screened only by a small pane of clouded glass, and the shower walls are completely transparent. Neither will do much to shield your behind from friends and family wandering around the house.

The odd layout has thoroughly confused people, who are desperate to figure out how and why the design came about.


“Who thought: hey let’s flip this house. And guess what? Let’s put a toilet in the living room. It will be convenient,” one Facebook user wrote underneath a “Zillow Gone Wild” post. Another said they “legitimately” could not wrap their head “around how someone looked at this and said, ‘Yes, this is fine.’”

A view of 302 South St. #2 from across the streetBoston Trust Realty Group

A few people theorized that the room in question is a master suite, rather than a living room, offering a tad more privacy than first appears. Regardless, “doors are always appreciated,” one person commented.

Weird washroom aside, the house is a sight to see. It boasts a new kitchen, big porch, wood flooring, two covered parking spaces, and 2,001 square feet of total livable space (four bedrooms and three bathrooms). The home isn’t far from Forest Hills T station and is also close to bike trails, restaurants, and the Arnold Arboretum. Several users called it “beautiful.”

And to note: the other bathrooms look more ... traditional.

But on social media, where the comments are flying, the open-concept lavatory is enough to keep the residence off many real estate wish lists. Where will you hide from your kids, your spouse, or your pets, many wondered, when the toilet is in full view? Where will you cry in silence?


A number of people, including at least one who claimed to have prior knowledge of the house, said the open bathroom design could be a disability accommodation. The lack of doors and walls could have made it easier for a caregiver to bring a former resident to the toilet, one commenter wrote.

Others, like neighbor Traci Books, doubted the idea: “I went to this open house because it’s in my neighborhood and I HAD to go see it. It’s even crazier in person. Definitely not for disability accommodation! The narrow 110 year old stairs weren’t even updated,” she wrote in a Facebook comment.

Another, more conventional bathroom in the Jamaica Plain home.Boston Trust Realty Group

Per the Zillow listing, 302 South St. went into foreclosure in late January. It last sold for $418,000 in May 2019.

In the end, the bathroom design is still a mystery. But the TikTok narrator behind the “Zillow Gone Wild” video featuring the toilet summed up our sentiments up perfectly.

“Open-concept bathroom? I don’t know, I guess some people are into it.”

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter at @ditikohli_.

Diti Kohli can be reached at diti.kohli@globe.com. Follow her @ditikohli_.