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What Jackie Bradley Jr. had to say about leaving the Red Sox

Jackie Bradley Jr.'s signing with the Brewers was made official on Monday.Jim Davis/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Jackie Bradley Jr.’s signing with the Milwaukee Brewers became official on Monday, and the outfielder reported to spring training with his new team.

A short time later, he met with the media to talk about his departure from the Red Sox and the decision to sign with Milwaukee.

He touched on the break-up of the Red Sox’ 2018 World Series winning outfield, if there were any talks with the Red Sox, and what his message to Boston fans would be.

Here are some of the highlights.

▪ Bradley was asked about the Red Sox breaking up the outfield of himself, Andrew Benintendi and Mookie Betts.


“I don’t think, in the moment, you really think about it. As we all know, sometimes it can get difficult. Decisions have to be made, and you have to be fully ready to embrace it. This is a short time window, and not many players over the course of their careers are going to stay with one team. It’s just hard to do. A lot of things have to work out. We’re not all on the same team, but that’s OK, because we all have our own different opportunities. From talking with them, I think we’re all excited.”

▪ Bradley said he didn’t rule out a return to the Red Sox during the offseason.

“As a whole, you want to stay open-minded about it all. Any time you start closing off different avenues then you’re limiting yourself, so as long as you’re open-minded about listening and gathering all the information, that’s going to give you the best opportunity to make the decision that you think is best for you and your family.”

▪ Bradley is giving careful consideration to what he wants to say to Boston fans.

“I’m working on it. I don’t want it to just be some short thing. I feel like the years that you invest and put in, I don’t think it would do it justice to give like a little tidbit over this. I will gather all my thoughts and emotions and be able to put it into words.”


▪ Bradley was reflective on his time with the Red Sox organization, and in Boston.

“I had some great memories and developed a lot of great relationships that I will never forget,” he said. “It’s one of those things when you’ve been with an organization for so long. Those bonds, they don’t go away. You know personnel, upper management, players obviously, their families. It’s deep. You start developing relationships with the community. The people that are around and helped you along the way and supported you throughout the goods, the bads and you develop that understanding and respect foe one another.

“I’m thankful for it, because it’s helped me become the person I am today.”

▪ Bradley said he had other offers, and explained why he has an opt-out in his contract for next year.

“This was unprecedented this offseason. This is my first free agency, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. I personally enjoyed it, because I didn’t focus on the things going on around me. I spent a lot of quality time with my family, and kind of let all that figure it out itself. I was just relaxing and waiting for the opportunity, continuously staying ready and working hard. I got other offers, and ... I think I just wanted to trust myself. I believed in my ability and talent and I feel like this particular deal offers me a lot of flexibility.”


▪ Bradley is excited to put on a Brewers uniform.

“It’s great. it’s a breath of fresh air. to be able to finally be out here, moving around, I’m glad to be here. I’m really excited for the opportunity and have a lot of fun with these guys.”

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