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Near-record warmth possible Thursday, followed by another chilly, windy weekend

Nigel and Marina Yancey of Malden haul their 4-month old son Jaxon over the sand in a baby stroller on a warm beach day March 9 at Revere Beach.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

This week as the concrete mass of white on my lawn continues to slowly melt, thoughts definitely have turned to spring. The temperature on Tuesday reached 60 degrees in many places for the first time since that abnormally warm Christmas melting and the mild stuff isn’t over yet. Midweek sea breezes along the coastline mean temperatures Wednesday are cooler than they were Tuesday, but we still have more spring weather on the way.

A burst of warmth like this in March is not really unusual. Many years we end up seeing a day or two that reaches into the 60s or even near 70 before real spring kicks in.


I have put a few of my plants outside to just give them a reprieve from the indoor air but they’re going to have to come back in before more arctic air arrives.

While not record dry, it’s been one of the drier starts to March in the record books. Last year was also a dry start.NOAA

We could actually use some rain. While the early days of March haven’t been the month’s driest-ever start, the 0.18 inches of total rain put it among the drier years on record. Let’s see how things end up in the coming weeks.

The record high temperature for March 11 in Boston is 67 degrees, set back in 1990, and for Worcester it’s 66 degrees, set back in 1977. It’s not out of the question that either or both of these records could be eclipsed this year.

The following day the records are near or in the 70-degree range and while that’s not an impossible hurdle to clear, I think it’s less likely. All the March 12 records were set in 2012.

Winds will be gusty Friday night and Saturday.WeatherBell

There are spring signs all around with early flowers such eranthis, crocuses, and snowdrops bursting open. These early plants are built for cold and when the chill returns this weekend they will be fine and there’s no need to take any action to protect them.


Speaking of the weekend, a strong arctic front will come through Friday night and Saturday and bring a burst of cold air and another weekend full of strong winds.

I will certainly take another look at this before the weekend but there is the potential for power outages and wind damage as this particular system pushes through, if we reach maximum wind. There is also a chance we stay under the wind advisory threshold and just see a blustery evening. Either way, the abnormally cold weather will arrive over the weekend and peak into early next week.

The meteogram below is a forecast of temperatures over the next 10 days. Teens and low wind chill are back in the forecast this weekend. That could damage some early-budding trees, but hopefully, things won’t open enough between now and then for that to be the case.

As we finish week three of March there should be more mild weather arriving and the chances of any late-season snow, while not zero, will diminish quite quickly. Spring often arrives with two steps forward and one step back and this year is no exception.

There is more cold weather arriving this weekend and early next week.WeatherBell