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There are lots of ways that the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan signed into law this month will benefit everyday people in Massachusetts. Here are a few.

  • Individuals earning $75,000 or less, and married couples earning $150,000 or less, will get a direct payment of $1,400 per person. That’s about three-quarters of people in Massachusetts.
  • Most families with kids under age 17 will get expanded, upfront, tax breaks of $250 a month, or $300 for kids age 5 and under, in the second half of 2021. The plan covers 1.1 million children in Massachusetts.
  • Workers who earn less than $21,000 a year and do not have children — almost 300,000 people in Massachusetts — will get nearly $1,000 more through an expanded “earned income tax credit” this year.
  • People collecting unemployment will see their current benefits extended through early September, and receive an extra $300 a week. Unemployment will also cover often-costly COBRA payments to continue their health insurance through September.
  • Expanded food stamp benefits, or SNAP, will continue through September, giving 879,000 Massachusetts recipients an extra $28 per month.
  • Roughly $400 million in rental aid will be distributed to Massachusetts. It will fund a popular state program that offers tenants up to $10,000 to keep up with rent and pay off accumulated debt.

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