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For Janey, ‘acting’ should mean action

Boston City Council President Kim Janey is in line to become acting mayor upon Mayor Marty Walsh's departure to Washington to become secretary of labor.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Kudos for the article on Boston’s soon-to-be Acting Mayor Kim Janey (“Daughter of Roxbury, now history-maker,” March 14). “Acting” applied to any political position implies powerlessness. A truncated term and lack of a proven, broad constituency. I hope Janey ignores the “acting” and instead demonstrates that she functions as a fully empowered mayor. How will she deal with the shark pool of often competing stakeholders who have honed aggressive political tactics, along with the currying of favor, to a high art. They will expect to walk all over her. Here’s hoping she will be strong enough, and clever enough, to call them out. And “act!” (In Gloucester we have a fabulous, strong mayor, a woman, who followed on the heels of a series of male mayors. And Gloucester is a tough town.)


Toni Molinski