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Buildings don’t design themselves

The lecture hall at  Somerville's new high school.
The lecture hall at Somerville's new high school.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Last Sunday’s article about the new Somerville High School (“Gleaming High School rises in Somerville,” Metro, March 21), by John Laidler, made for good reading for this architect.

I was disappointed, however, to read not a single mention of the architects or engineers. Buildings don’t design themselves — they take prodigious energy and creative work on the part of talented professionals to ensure that they skillfully accommodate complex functions, the physical context, and a sense of pleasure in appearance.

Just as you wouldn’t discuss a book without mention of its author, or a painting without crediting the artist, please, in the future, be sure to connect buildings to their architects and consultants. They surely deserve credit for their work.


John McConnell